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The Irish Draught Horse: A History

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The Irish Draught Horse: A History

first published by The Collins Press in 2005

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About the Book:

The Irish Draught Horse is unique in the world and is an icon in the Irish landscape. The foundation breed for the world-famous Irish hunter, it has never been the subject of a comprehensive book. Historically, the horse was so much part of the landscape it tended to blend into the background. But today the horse is a luxury, a leisure and competition horse much valued by a new generation of horse owners. Here the story of the 'horse of the people' is told before facts and details vanish forever, in this first complete account of its cultural and historical significance. The contributors trace its evolution as a working horse through to its almost overnight disappearance with 1960s mechanization. Illustrated with wonderful images, this will be the cherished book of record for this subject.

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“The Farmer's horse is an animal of all-work; to be ridden occasionally to market or for pleasure, but to be principally employed for draught. A farmer, and, more particularly, a small farmer, will prefer a mare to a gelding, both for riding and driving. She will not cost him so much at first;and he will get a great deal more out of her. There can be no doubtthat, taking bulk for bulk, a mare is stronger and more lasting than a gelding;and, in addition to this, the farmer has her to breed from."

from the annotated bibiliography by

William Youatt,
The horse, with a treatise on draught;
and a copious index, 1831.



Draught-Mare (1840),

book plate origin unknown

photo from theIntroduction, The Irish Draught Horse : A History

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